About Us

Somalaraju Foundation was started by S. Siva Raju as the Founder & Chairman and Isaac Raju & Jerusha Niharika Raju are Managing Trustees.By profession 'Founder', working as Software Engineersince 2004 and married Late Sri. Indira Belauh, mother of two kids.In year 2012, She was diagnosed with breast cancer and later it spread to lungs and colen in span of one month.She had undergone operation to remove tumors,she had intense go for Cheomotherephy for 4 months which given good results.

Due to no proper guidence she bagan to her duties, which leads her to Bone Cancer due to stress job.She was told by Doctors she may not make it to 70 years. She had undergone radiotherepy for 6 weeks and she lived for next couple of months and finally died.

Although we were family, we did not have access to any resources or information about her illness and its effects. We were given no warning about what happens to the body when it starts shutting down and dying. It is very distressing watching someone you love going through the ‘typical’ stages of death and not being informed about them before hand. Like me there are several people who had undergone the such type of pain in their family and people needs attention on this and need to support affected families.

I also started to do a lot of research on cancer and its effects on young people and I was amazed by what I found.It is known that in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 3-4 lakh deaths per year due to cancer.There are very little resources available to poor people with the same disease and there are so many support networks needed in this country to provide awareness and counselling the patients. Through more research I found out that survival rates for people aged 18 – 44 had only improved slightly in 30 years, however, they had improved by 30% for children and the elderly.

It is important to note that although some cancers can be hereditary or caused by lifestyle choices, many of them are random. Research still cannot prove why many young adults get some types of cancer so we are in this together. Uniting this special age group is paramount if we are going to create the changes needed in our health system and continue the support networks we have created at Somalaraju Foundation.

We conduct awareness & sreening programs & rallies on vrious dieases. Since 2013 we have focused all on efforts on prevention and early diagnosis of Cancer as much work is needed in this area. We don’t receive any government funding and rely solely on the generosity of the general public .Your donations to go towards our 5 key areas:
1) Awareness projects directed at the public and our national healthcare system
2) Conducting Screening Camps at the orphan childrens.
3) Providing age appropriate information and resources including information on fertility, treatment side effects, nutrition, depression, counselling and Centrelink.
4) Establishing Care Take Office for Rural people.
5) Adopting villages and provide free education.


  • This section will be updated shortly with details of Somalaraju Foundation events.

  • Calling the attention of interested young man between the age of 18 to 29 years to the audition for selection of Mister International India 2013. Auditions will be held in Delhi, Mumbai and Guwahati during the month of June 2013. Application form along with rules and regulations may be downloaded from our website and duly filled and signed in application form may be submitted online.
  • Application form may also be submitted at the venue of auditions. Registration fee is Rs 1500 (Rupees one thousand and five hundred) per contestant payable at the venue at the time of registration. The dates for the auditions and the venues will be announced in the first week of May 2013. 2013 Mister International pageant will be held in Indonesia in the month of November.